CLOSURES (Straight Closures)
CLOSURES (Straight Closures)

CLOSURES (Straight Closures)

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100% Raw Virgin Indian Hair

Our lace closures are constructed with the finest
lace available. Our lace closures create finish to
your extensions giving the appearance of hair growing from the scalp. Your lace will give you a natural finish for both clueless and glue installations. All of our closures are handmade free parting  closures that allow for a versatility and flexible part.

• Seamless lace
• 100% Non Raw Virgin Indian hair synthetic
• Natural wave texture
•Styles with minimal effort
•can be colored
•can be styled with heat
•Natural hair line
• Non bleach
•transparent scalp lace tone
•Knots do not come bleached

*** Warning ****
Oils produce heavy shedding for all lace products. It’s recommended that clients wash lace products once a week to avoid oil buildup from natural hair underneath lace products