Premium virgin Indian hair


Our hair is imported directly from India at the time of order. We never compromise the integrity of our product by mixing or processing our premium hair. Our premium hair is from one donor for each. Uncle with the cuticle of the hair attached. This process is very important. Leaving the cuticle intact and not mixing each bundle from multiple donors eliminate shedding and prolongs the life and integrity of our hair. All of our processing is done by hand from start to finish. Because of the manual processing we are able to carefully look over each product ensuring our premium quality standards are upheld with every hair order. The hair that we supply is not temple hair. People come worldwide to make a hair sacrifice at Indian temples and to know all of what has been done to their hair prior to sacrifice is impossible. JWImports Co hair standards require a more selective way of collecting hair.  To maintain our quality and ensure the best premium hair, we visit villages inspecting hair  and purchasing the best rare quality hair available.

Balling on a budget

Our Balling on a budget hair line  was introduced as a more affordable option for our clients. Some buyers need hair for a short style or short term use. Other buyers needed and more affordable option to match their budget. This hairline also has the same collection process of our premium hair. Some of the hair selected during the collection process for the premium hair does not meet all of the hair requirements to be sold as premium but is still high quality hair. This hair comes from 2 to 3 donors per bundle compared to the premium hair that comes from one donor per bundle. Because hair cuticles should all be the same in each bundle of hair, to prevent shedding, our Balling On A Budget hair cuticles are stripped. Stripping the cuticles eliminates shedding and tangling but also shortens the life span of the hair. This line of hair last on average up to two years in comparison to the premium hair line  that last at least three years or more with proper haircare. If you have anymore questions regarding our hair please contact us, we will be more than excited to answer all of your questions. Thank you for shopping with JWImports Co, we look forward to your purchase with our company. You wont be disappointed!